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Behind the Lens...

My name is Saira Apostolico, and I have been the owner and lead photographer of Digital Memories for the the past six years.  I offer photography services throughout South Florida and the Treasure Coast. Photography is my passion, and I'm thankful every day that it's also my job! 

Whether you are in the market for family portraits or are planning your wedding day, your photographer can truly make or break both your experience, and the memories you take away from it.  As a portrait photographer, my job is to get to know you and capture your personality. As a wedding photographer, my number one goal is to be a supportive, upbeat, and non-intrusive addition to your wedding day activities and guide you through your day with as little stress and as much laughter as possible! 

Our motto is, "Beautifully vibrant, naturally you."  We strive to capture vibrant, colorful, engaging images, while also portraying your true personality.

If you want both a fun photography experience, and beautiful images to cherish for a lifetime, then Digital Memories Photography is the best choice for you!

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