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Party of Five - Port St. Lucie Family Photography

Jennifer and Kenny grew up together, but didn't even know it! Living right down the street from one another and attending all the same schools, it wasn't until they were in their 20's that their paths finally crossed. Kenny had just returned from a 7 month deployment in Iraq when a mutual friend introduced him to Jennifer. Shortly after meeting, although she couldn't explain how, Jennifer just knew he was the one she was going to marry. Fast forward to present day, and Kenny and Jennifer have made a beautiful life for themselves. Both St. Lucie County teachers, they knew they wanted a big, crazy family with lots of laughter and love...

They first welcomed their daughter, Lily, who started talking at six months old and never stopped! She is simultaneously challenging and hilarious and keeps them on their toes! Shortly after came Sam who is incredibly loving, loyal and funny. He is a kindhearted boy whose smile lights up the room. But Jennifer and Kenny still had more love to share, so along came baby Jack...

Baby Jack is happy, laid back and loves to snuggle. Adding baby #3 was a natural step in this family's story and it's clear to see just how much he is loved...

Though sleep deprived and surely feeling the responsibility of being parents to three beautiful, spirited children, Jennifer and Kenny wouldn't have it any other way! They say they love the chaos and that their definition of "home" is a full house with the dog barking and the kids playing loudly...

Smiles, hugs, laughter and love pretty much sum up this beautiful party of five!

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