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Class of 2018!

Generous, kind, easy going and bubbly...that's how Sofia's friends and family describe her. A Senior this year at John Carroll, Sofia credits her small, close knit school for really helping her become the person she is today. This beautiful 17 year old was a pleasure to photograph. Scroll through to see her full Senior Session and get to know a bit more about her...


Sofia is incredibly involved at her school. She is currently part of cheer leading, soccer, Anchor Club, Yearbook Committee, Multicultural Club, Students Against Destructive Decisions Club, National Honor Society and Spanish Honor Society. She believes all these activities have really improved her time management and have helped her become a more well-rounded citizen. Through these activities, she has also learned many new things about herself.


When she is not involved in school activities, Sofia enjoys spending time with her two best friends. This time with her friends is incredibly important because they mean so much to her. She says that no matter what they are doing, they always end up having the best time together.


Sofia has big plans for her life, which involve combining two of her passions: children, and making people feel better. Knowing her love of children and her desire to see the sick feel well, Sofia has decided to pursue a career in Pediatric Oncology. This has been her dream since middle school and she hopes to make a big impact on the lives of the children who are impacted by cancer. As far as where she will study, Sofia was accepted into 3 of her favorite colleges: USF, UCF, and FSU; so now she just has to decide where she wants to spend the next few years of her life. Regardless of which school she selects, we know that the world will be a better place because Sofia Callejas!


Regarding her experience with Digital Memories Photography, Sofia said,

"I have no regrets at all about choosing Saira to take my senior pictures! She suggested the most beautiful place. We took the pictures at a park that had so much diversity. It had a beautiful pond with a giant tree, it had a cute little dock, some dirt roads, some side trails, and more... it was beautiful! Saira was the most kind person ever, she knew exactly what she was doing. She told me where to pose and what to do, which was so helpful. I was kind of worried about seeing my pictures because sometimes I don't feel like the most photogenic person but oh my goodness.. they all came out stunning!! The lighting of the pictures was perfect, the way the background came out a little blurred was perfect, the scenery was perfect! I am in love with every single one of my pictures!! I'm so thankful for Saira because she made my senior pictures the best!!"

Sofia, we wish you all the best!

The world lays at your feet and we are so excited to see where your journey will lead!


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