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Picture Perfect

Javoris and Renell met in 2004 at a prayer meeting arranged by his sister. While many of us forget key moments in our relationships, the Ingrams even recall the first time they spoke on the phone - April 8, 2004. During that conversation, Renell told Javoris exactly what she was looking for in a relationship, and her boldness lovingly earned her the title "Pitbull." Their first date included church followed by lunch, and from that very first Sunday, Javoris knew she was the one he would marry. Fast forward 14 years together and the Ingrams have built themselves a beautiful life...



Javoris and Renell have two sons - Jakai (not pictured), and Jayden. Five year old Jayden is full of charisma and animation, and when he's around, there is never a dull moment! Jayden loves sports and is currently playing baseball for the Cubs. He has a personality and smile that light up the room, and he has his mommy and daddy's hearts!


Photographing this beautiful family was such an honor. They were kind, patient, and completely willing to embrace the least for the most part. :) At one point early on in the session, I asked Javoris to whisper something in Renell's ear to make her laugh. While I don't know the exact details, it was something about how he was going to kill her for making him participate in this photo shoot! The comment worked like a charm and evoked the some silly giggles and made for great images. That moment lightened the mood, and by the end of the session, Javoris was telling me what a great time he had and how much easier it was than he had imagined. I'm so thankful when a client is able to put their reservations aside, relax, and just enjoy the process. But his secret whisper in Renell's ear and her reaction will be something I'll always remember!


I am so thankful for the opportunity to capture memories for the Ingrams. Here are some kind words Renell left for me after our session...

"We thoroughly enjoyed our session! Saira is gifted with an eye to capture precious moments and memories. She is very professional and swift. She was definitely given this talent from above, as she’s a natural at her craft. We will definitely use Digital Memories Photography for our Memories again!"


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